Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mesh boobs detail spec

<include items>
mesh boobs
control hud
default skin applier
default cloth applier
compatible sl layer cloth texture
compatible tango cloth texture*2
compatible lolas tango configuration
compatible other prim boobs configuration script
uv texture template (skin / cloth)
and manual notecard

<touch menu detail> (touch menu allow list enabled)
resize (1% 5% 10% width + width - height + height - depth + depth - restore)
switch cloth (bra / top*1 / both*1)
nipple on/off
display color (for direct color select)
cloth on/off

<hud button detail>
preload skin / cloth 1-4 (color tone)
cloth on/off
nipple on/off
hud minimize
luminance / hue and saturation color picker
light side boobs (side light control)

*1 now building
*2 now testing

Tentative price under 500L$

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