Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Now on sale!

Price 500L$

Please purchase to try the demo first, it is checked

Non rigged mesh breasts
Two layers of clothing , top / bra / both
Access control by the allow list
Easy to use HUD and DIALOG interface
Side light inconspicuous border
SL UV map compatible clothes
Compatible with the configuration file for the Lolas Tango
Overall Applier summarizes the bra / top / skin

***Include items***
Puffy! mesh breasts (Spine)
Puffy! ColorPicker HUD
Puffy! Manual

    Puffy! UV
        Puffy! Multi Applier (BRA/TOP UV)
        Puffy! Multi Applier (SKIN UV)
    Puffy! Default Bra
       Puffy! Multi Applier (Default Bra [Pasties])
    Puffy! Default Skin
        Puffy! Multi Applier (Default Skin1)
        Puffy! Multi Applier (Default Skin2)
        Puffy! Multi Applier (Default Skin3)
        Puffy! Multi Applier (Default Skin4)
    Puffy! Default Top
        Puffy! Default Top (Top)
        Puffy! Default Top (Bottom)
        Puffy! Multi Applier (Default Top)
    Puffy! Multi Applier (Blank)


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