Thursday, June 20, 2013

Updated to "Puffy! Mesh Breasts" Rev1.3.0

Updated to "Puffy! Mesh Breasts" Rev1.3.0.


Major changes of the contents of this update are the following two.

  • Apply directly to the "Puffy! mesh breasts" from the Lolas Tango Applier.(BRA and TOP only)
  • Introduced a backup system.

The person of the update target, products are automatically delivered.
Please check it.

The timing of the update check, do the following:

  • When you Rez or attached
  • When you log out → Login with attaching
  • When you went to reset script from the dialog menu

[Detailed update of contents]

Puffy! mesh breasts
Apply directly to the Puffy of the LolasTango Applier.(TOP and BRA only)
Because there is no compatible SKIN, please be careful.

Puffy! ColorPicker HUD
Added a label for the save and restore of the button color information.

Puffy! Backup Disc (Add new)
It is a tool that can be stored texture, position, size information.

[How to use "Puffy! Backup Disc"]

(1) Please attach as the HUD or Rez. (Land impact 1)
Data is not saved, it looks like this,
(Disc is rotate slowly)

(2) If you want to save the data,Please select the dialog menu "Puffy! Info".
Data is saved, it looks like this,
(Disc is rotated at a high speed)

(3) If you restore the data , You will touch the Disc where the data is stored.
And Please select a restore from the dialog.

(4) If you will reset the disc, Please continue to click for 3 seconds.

*** Attention ***

Can be stored on a single disc is only one.
If you want to save more than one, please take a copy.

If the version of the "Puffy! mesh breasts" is different from the version that is stored on disc.
It may result in unexpected results.

*** About saving texture ***

Texture is recorded using the Applier.(BRA / TOP / SKIN)
Please check the state of the texture from the "Puffy! Info" .

This is a state that have not been saved.

This is a state that is saved.

*** Update to 1.3.0 from 1.2.0 ***

Change of "Puffy! Mesh Breasts" only script.
By replace the script, you can update and maintain the current state.

*** Caution ***
In order to prevent breaking, please take a copy, respectively.
It is for those who want keep the current state of absolutely.
Sorry, please execution at your own risk.


  1. Detach the Puffy(old version)
  2. Will attach the Puffy(new version) 
  3. Right-click the Puffy, and then choose Edit
  4. Copy it to the your inventory of "Puffy! System (1.3.0)" from the content tab
  5. Detach the Puffy(new version)
  6. The Rez Puffy(old version)  (Land Impact 4)
  7. Right-click the Puffy you Rez, and then choose Edit
  8. Will remove the "Puffy! System" of the old version from Puffy
  9. Insert the "Puffy! System (1.3.0)" you just copied
  10. And Take Puffy(old version by replacing the script)
  11. Attach the Puffy(old version by replacing the script) , perform the "Reset script" from the dialog

Thank you
Zap! Mainstore

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