Sunday, December 29, 2013

Updated to "Puffy! Mesh Breasts" Rev1.4.0

Rev 1.4.0


Puffy! mesh breasts

  • Can now use directly LolasTango Applier. (BRA/TOP/SKIN Layer)
  • For better results, it is recommended that you use a dedicated Puffy Applier.
  • Added a setting that does not update. (Write the @NOUPDATE to Allow_List.)

Puffy! Backup Disc

  • Fix that is associated with Puffy update. (You can not use the previous backup data.)

Puffy! Applier (Upper body template)

  • This is the template data of SL compatibility skin layer.

Thank you


  1. Thank you for making the puffy breasts, i just love them! i have a question. The "skin" layer of the lolas appliers is different from the "nipples" layer, i believe? Are you planning to make it possible for appliers to Lolas nipples to work on the puffys? i would very much appreciate it if you would. Thanks!

    1. Because the structure is different in Lolas product and Puffy, corresponding to Nipple layer is difficult.
      Thank you.